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Image Title Description Price Earn this Pass in:
Extra Coils Includes: Gravity - Speed Coil, Gravity - Regeneration Coil, Speed - Regeneration Coil 250 R$ Modern Crossroads
Gravity Coil (Roblox Run) Equipping this item cancels 75% of gravity's effect on your character. This allows you to jump extra high, or to fall like a feather from great heights. 60 R$ Roblox Run
Dual Gravity Coil (Roblox Run) Wear these awesome dual gravity coils on your feet for extra spring in your step! 100 R$ Roblox Run
Minigames Pass For early access! 50 R$ Roblox Run
Combat Tools This pass contains: Trowel, Paintball Gun, Rocket Launcher, Slingshot, Superball, Time Bomb and Sword. 35 R$ Robloxian Town
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