Roblox Run (Japanese: ロブロックス・ラン | Hepburn: Roburokkusu Ran) is a side-scrolling, endless runner game developed and published by Catalin Metro for Roblox. It was released beta in September 5, 2017, then completely released in January 21, 2018.

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Easy and Hard version

This game change your easily and/or hardly.

Speed Run 4 Edition

Roblox Run: Speed Run 4 Edition is belongs the original game of Vurse's Speed Run 4, This game includes x2 speed.

Super Mario Edition

Roblox Run: Super Mario Edition is belongs of Nintendo's Super Mario.

Transformice Edition

Roblox Run: Transformice! Edition is belongs the original mobile game of Atelier 801's Transformice: Run for Cheese, This game includes +5 speed.


This game needs the Minigames Pass to enter.

  • Coin Rush
  • Zombie Rush
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